“At Peace. Empowered. Whole”

Hi and welcome! I’m Kelsey. I am currently working towards certification through DONA international. I am excited that you are interested to know more about me and to share with you a glimpse of who I am and why I do what I do.

It is Simply put. I love Birth! It is a pleasure to be able to support women in all walks of life through one of the most impactful events they will experience.

After the birth of my son Miles, my love and excitement for birth flourished. But it sparked when I met my doula. This doula supported Me, inspired me, and heard me. She was the community I needed. During Miles’s birth, the presence of a doula made Me feel secure and confident. Regardless of the details of my experience, having my doula there brought a realm of calm and peace.  I thought, ” it is amazing what she does, I would love to do that”.  The mere presence of having this doula there soothed the heart and soul. What a joy, and honor it is to be that for other women.

My mission is to support and grow a positive outlook on birth and women’s health in central Minnesota, by being an intrinsic part of the journey and helping cultivate  “wholeness” in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. I provide support in many ways beyond the birth experience such as: breastfeeding support, postpartum support, babywearing education & support, cloth diaper education & support, and prayer-counseling/grief & loss support. Whatever the “whole experience” means for each woman, this part of her story is a transformative chapter in life. It is a time to grow, love, and breathe!